Adopt A Coral works with non profit organisations in under pressure marine environments around the globe to support their vital coral reef restoration programmes.

By adopting a coral you are contributing directly to the urgently needed conservation of coral reefs! We can fulfil orders digitally worldwide and you can pay via PayPal in any currency.

Your adopted coral will be planted onto artificial reefs by local fishermen who embrace protecting ecological biodiversity.

The ideal gift for a loved one or even as a good gesture to yourself!

For your donation of £25 you will receive a digital certificate of authenticity and a follow up photograph of your unique coral as well species information and GPS coordinates when it is transplanted onto it’s forever reef! 

For a smaller donation of £10 you will receive an instantly downloadable and printable certificate of adoption whilst supporting us to help #savethereef

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Global warming combined with destructive fishing practices have destroyed large swathes of Indonesian coral reefs.

Local communities are now involved in restoring and protecting their reefs at a regional level with large consequential benefits to the marine ecosystem globally.

Indonesian Fisheries Scientist

Yunaldi Yahya

Funds raised by Adopt A Coral help LINI to seed our artificial reefs with genetically diverse coral varieties.

We work with local stakeholders such as coral farmers and fishing communities to generate the maximum value from your donations.

Founder of Yayasan LINI

Gayatri Reksodihardjo-Lilley

Smaller and dynamic social enterprises do amazing work worldwide but are limited by the crucial funding that their budgets rely upon.

Funds raised by Adopt A Coral go to coral restoration projects in need such as LINI’s reef restoration activities in Les Village, Bali.

Founder of Adopt A Coral

Colin Christian