Adopt A Coral works with non profit organisations in under pressure marine environments around the globe to support their vital coral reef restoration programmes.

Coral reefs worldwide are the most diverse marine ecosystems on earth and are threatened by many factors including climate change, overfishing, overdevelopment and pollution.

Coral reefs cover only 1% of the ocean but are home to around 25% of the world’s marine species!

By adopting a coral you are contributing directly to the urgently needed conservation of coral reefs! We can fulfil orders digitally worldwide and you can pay via PayPal in any currency.

Your adopted coral will be planted onto artificial reefs by local fishermen who embrace protecting ecological biodiversity.

The ideal gift for a loved one or even as a good gesture to yourself!

For your donation of £25 you will receive a digital certificate of authenticity and a follow up photograph of your unique coral as well species information and GPS coordinates when it is transplanted onto it’s forever reef! 

For a smaller donation of £10 you will receive an instantly downloadable and printable certificate of adoption whilst supporting us to help #savethereef

A selection of our sustainably farmed corals waiting to be transplanted onto their forever reefs!

Learn about how our corals are farmed naturally in the open ocean.