We work directly with LINI the Indonesian Nature Foundation and support their reef restoration programs.

Established in January 2008 by a small group of dedicated professionals, LINI is one of the few Indonesian non-profits currently working towards the development of community-based marine conservation areas to promote sustainable fisheries in Indonesia.

We have worked together with community groups in northern Bali to pilot reef rehabilitation programs to support Marine Conservation Areas management. Healthier reefs have been the basis for improved and sustainable livelihoods in the communities we work with. They have contributed to protecting community beaches from storm surges, providing a sustainable source for food and ornamental fish, and creating opportunities for eco-tourism activities in the region.

We recently worked in cooperation with Fishkeeper Scotland to deploy an artificial reef measuring a whopping 11 x 5.5 metres! This includes 91 separate structures forming their logo, a saltire and their signature Clownfish emblem.

We will continue to work with sustainable partners in the aquarium industry such as Maidenhead Aquatics and Fishkeeper Scotland as well as their customers to deploy more reef structures and subsequently transplant them with new coral growth to create a biodiverse habitat.

Find out more about this impressive project at http://lini.or.id/a-big-thank-you-to-fishkeeper-scotland and https://www.fishkeeperscotland.co.uk/lini

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